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Pricing of Graphic Design Projects

What I do and Pricing

Hello and welcome to GraphicsDuo2. I get a lot of inquires about my prices for design work and I send out a quote for each individual inquiry. Pricing design work has a lot of factors involved. So to make things a little easier I will post how much I charge for design work.

Hourly Rates for Businesses and Non-commercial Clients

I charge $60 an hour for small businesses.

For large well established businesses I charge $120 an hour.

And for non-commercial work I charge only $25 an hour. For example people who need graduation cards or cleaning up old photos. They want something designed for personal reasons and not making a profit off of it.

But that is how much I charge for graphic design projects. And this goes across the board. Whether its a business card design to a t-shirt design, that is how much I charge. Like the old saying time is money. Now if you have problem with hourly charge then we can negotiate on a flat rate for your project. I know some people prefer a flat rate mainly so they'll already know how much they have to pay for. So email me if you want me to give you a flat rate quote for your project. Since there are many factors involved, please be as detailed as possible about what you need. Thank you for reading this and I hope to see you soon.

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